The Depot is a multi-arts, photography, and film studio conveniently located a short walk from Ladywell Station in South East London. A local heritage site, this well-preserved Victorian warehouse offers a stunning setting for a range of projects.

Our spacious facility is one of London’s few remaining late-nineteenth century commercial depositories boasting an original interior. Its period features – including exposed brick walls, wooden floors, striking metal pillars and wrought iron window frames make it a versatile location for castings, films, events, photography, video production, and fashion shoots. Part of the space can be used as build space for larger production as there is ample space.

    K E Y   F A C I L I T I E S

    • 6000sqft interior, split between two floors
    • 3000sqft (approx) Ground floor Unit
    • 1500sqft Outdoor area, raw/industrial look
    • Kitchen Area 
    • Infinity Wall
    • Hair and Make up 
    • Changing Area
    • Large Seating Area 
    • Exposed brick work
    • Wooden floors
    • Functioning Victorian freight elevator
    • Large wrought Iron warehouse windows (With blackout capabilities)
    • Comprehensive power distributed over the two floors, including Three phase.

    F L O O R   P L A N S

    E L E C T R I C A L   S P E C S

    100A single phase service

    Floor 1:

    5x 13a double sockets

    4x 16a commando

    Three Phase power point - Able to be fed to both floors.

    Floor 2:

    10x 13a double sockets

    4x 16a commando


    A D D I T I O N A L   I N F O R M A T I O N


    Floor 1: 3000sqft

    Floor 2: 3000sqft

    Exterior: 1500sqft (approx)


    Access to freight elevator on ground floor, entrance large enough for medium wheel base vehicles to access.


    There is parking for approximately 4 vehicles on the drive and 8 in the ground floor unit, this is dependant on whether these areas would be used for shooting. 

    There is pay metre parking outside- this is acceptable in moderate numbers as the neighbours must be taken into consideration.

    Two nearby car parks: 

    Closest, approx 5 minute walk:

    Multi-storey at Lewisham shopping centre, approx 10 minute walk:

    Please also bear in mind that public parking could effected due to covid


    The space consists of three large open rooms where social distancing can be maintained. Every shoot must adhere to stringent COVID health and safety guidelines in accordance with Government regulations. 


    24 hour 


    Toilets located on the Floor 1

    Kitchen facility located Floor 2

    Local shops and restaurants